Renewal of accreditation for testing to be carried out in accordance with the NP2074

The dBwave renewed your accreditation for conducting evaluation test of impulsive vibrations in structures, According to the NP2074 standard:2015 by IPAC – Portuguese Institute of Accreditation, According to ISO standard 17035.

Mining and geotechnical activities that induce dynamic stresses on the land, namely: the dismantling of rock masses with use of explosive substances, pile driving, dynamic compression of grounds, among others, originate impulsive stress and subsequent vibrations in nearby structures, which, in consequence, may be damaged. These can be classified as severe (significant weakening of its structural capacity), moderate (affectation interior and exterior coatings) or thresholds (cosmetic damage that boil down to opening slots very thin capillary, or simply the propagation of preexisting cracks).

This standard is intended to establish a limitation of values of physical quantities of impulsive vibration characteristics and with a limited number of instances, in order to prevent any damage to occur (originating in this type of dynamic requests) in the structures.