workers' exposure assessment to vibrations - such as information transmitted to the test laboratory may influence the outcome

vibration information transmittedOne of the most important parameters for the calculation of the value of the exposure of workers at vibrations, is your length, This being provided by employers.
According to what is defined in the scope of accreditation of testing laboratories, If they are not transmitted the uncertainty associated with the duration of exposure times, This is defined as being of 4%.
This uncertainty is a plot of the combined uncertainty in the calculation of, appearing in all exposure assessment reports of workers ace vibrations, to penalize the results of the measures.
Like this, in view of the better the accuracy of the evaluation results, is not only important to convey the duration of exposure, but also the uncertainty that this duration was estimated.
In this way, the investment in time in determining the duration of exposure is explained by the decrease in their uncertainty and consequent improvement of the evaluation results, in that it helps to ensure a more representative assessment also her professional exposure to vibrations.
Like this, if companies want the best evaluation, you may want to invest some time in reducing the uncertainty of the determination of workers' exposure times and at its transmission, express explicitly, the smallest possible uncertainty.